Tynedale Care – New Website Launch


One of those great moments where you have a design more or less sorted and then the client has an opportunity they don’t want to miss, so suddenly wouldn’t it be great if we could get the website live for this event. To hear is to obey. The site has lots of things we still want to add – no end of good ideas and possibilities, but the best thing is we have something live and not just a tragic holding page.



North East Business Support Fund

North East Business Support Fund

Diamond Square Design becomes a Registered Provider for the North East Business Support Fund


As far as I am concerned it is just an essential part of every good designers armoury…


New logo for Diamond Square Design

Although this logo first saw the light of day a couple of months ago, I am only now bringing it into use. Originally conceived as part of an interactive pdf, the combination of the company logo shape with a QR code which together form a diamond and a square – plus the scan functionality that it takes you to the website seemed irresistible. How does it look?Image

They say every journey starts with a single step.

Sometimes when you see how fast the world moves these days, it is a wonder anyone finds time to carry out all the social media functions life now demands. So hey, now there is one more small voice added to the clamour.